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A note is a trace, a word, a drawing that in a gentle flash becomes part of the thinking process.  It is a flexible mental move generating space for the possible.

“Notetaking encompasses witnessing, drawing, writing, and a diagrammatic thinking; it is speculative, manifests a preliminary moment, a passage, and acts as a memory aid.”

Source for the above:  I found the quote, and that above (paraphrased) in a catalogue for architects, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Spring 2011, in reference to dOCUMENTA (13) EXHIBITION: June 9–Sept. 16, 2012.



4 thoughts on “NOTES

  1. So enjoyed your comments on Taliesin III. It brought back memories of my visit there probably three/four years ago. I had already seen Taliesin West in Arizona the previous year so when the trip to Wisconsin presented itself….I had to include Taliesin III to our itinerary. What a fantastic place to live and study! Now I want to see Falling Water. I hope you were able to visit some of the quaint areas of Wisconsin….such as the beautiful university ….so different to see the dairy department ….we put on big rubber boots to walk among the cows being milked, and later walked over to the little store to purchase cheese they had produced….and I was really impressed with the lake and all the equipment for the rowing teams….so many beutiful boats! The towns are so small and cute….they still have drug stores with soda fountains…..Wisconsin to me was a step back in time.

    • In Madison, WI, we spent time in the capitol building. We learned the state animal is the fierce and nocturnal badger. A remarkable bronze badger sculpture beckons one into the governor’s showplace office. The oversized handsome badger was taken from the ship USS Wisconsin. For lunch we ate Wisconsin cheese, crackers, and goat sausage at “Fromagination” Shop. We toured Orich Botanical Gardens and had ice cream on the huge patio of U of Wisconsin overlooking the lake. So many folks were there enjoying the view and sunshine; it was so pleasant. Thank you for writing. I enjoyed thinking about you in this interesting state. Wonderful to know you have been to Taliesin as well.

  2. Great details about Chicago and the great scenery ! I love your writing and this piece makes me want to visit!!

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