In a one-horse open sleigh, whoever is riding in it feels like it’s skating across snowy terrain.  Who wouldn’t feel happy doing that?  Forward you would move and hear the clip-clop of hooves muted to a mere crunch.

Let's Go! Sleigh Ride

Through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh . . .

The crunch crunch crunch of steps on snow . . . the traditions of Christmas holiday . . . do these ease the worries of winter?  Worries adults have.  Worries are not part of little kids’ thinking.  I’ve seen a five-year-old girl in Nashville whooping “Forward” as she zipped across the snowy downhill on a saucer toboggan for a quarter of a mile. What rare fun!

Open Sleigh and Reindeer

Icons of Winter

In Brooklyn, children had deeper snow for tobogganing.  Adults, bundled, hooded, and gloved, went walking.

If not from here originally, deep snow excites!

Layered Up Warmly Enough For A Walk In A 26-Inch Snowfall of Brooklyn

Winter affects people in quite different ways.  Have you known older folks who pretty much stay indoors between January and April?  In Memphis years ago, we had next-door neighbors like that.  As soon as spring had sprung, out came our neighbors for easy conversing on the patio, borrowing a typewriter, or sharing a wave or a chat at the mailboxes.  If we had been smokers, we could have had a cigarette with them.  A friend who moved to Memphis from Florida a couple of years ago set her mind to enjoying winter this year, and she decided to separate Christmas decor, laden with red and green, from winter decor.  The way she presented this change in perspective was to create “winter table landscapes” all through the house and invite friends and colleagues to learn how she became a certified table landscaper.  One side of the dining table was done up in dark blue, the other in pale turquoise.  Scarves decked the backs of chairs.  Mercury-glass pine trees deserved the highest praise for eye candy.

Beautiful Blue Landscaping, Formal On One Side Of Table, Casual On Other

Beautiful Blues And Silver Selected For A January Table Landscape

Winter 2015-2016 is with us.  What do you think of the winter scene, below, in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn?  Would you like to stay indoors, or would you prefer to bundle up, put on boots, warm socks, water-resistant gloves, cover your head, grab a Kleenex, and take a nice walk down the street.  Would you step into any snowbanks?

Take a walk down the street?

Snowbanks Alongside A Park Slope Street In Brooklyn












  1. Enjoyed the descriptive excerpts of your lovely winter experiences. Would love to have seen the snow in Brooklyn and Nashville. Loved the pictures too. Keep writing!

    • Yes, deep snow fascinates me, too: While the whiteness layers the ground, branches, and other things, it seems we view our environment to be a brand new thing. High wind would add the worry factor. Texas girls would be pretty fascinated by Brooklyn’s snowbanks, no doubt.

  2. Texas is a fun, sunny state. Snowfall is rare. I will always remember the “Snow of the Century” in 1985. Our family was on the highway to San Antonio from Dallas. We were warned, but we went anyway. At New Braunfels, our vision was zilch from ice-coated windshield, and lane lines were nonexistent. Cars creeping still slid into snowbanks. Fortunately, our friend Barry gave us access to his home, even though he and family were out of town. We were rescued!

  3. I enjoyed the writing and the pictures. It presented winter in an appealing way. We haven’t had any snow yet and it brought back winter memories of the past. Great job!

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