A Balanced Education

A balanced education for future leaders, one in the middle between Classicism and Romanticism, could be a protection for our country’s future.  Writing this thought to my two little grandchildren in a small Chronicle Books item purchased for me, probably from Paper Source, a cool stationery store, I am making my letter a blog post.  The name of the slim writerly item is “Letters To My Grandchild:  Write Now.  Read Later.  Treasure Forever:  A Paper Time Capsule.”

In choosing an entry titled “My brightest hope for the future is . . .,” I realized anew that I have a fear for the future. My fear is the threat to Democracy that Donald Trump represents.  My little grandchildren do not have a hint of a clue about politics.  It is way beyond them that the language used by this particular political candidate disregards the tradition of restraint in public discourse.  Language is significant to knowing what motivates a person.  This is the letter I wrote to my grandchildren:

My Darlings,

You fill me with hope for our world.  At my older age as a senior, I’m witnessing something unimaginable in American politics:  the antics and bluster of a presidential candidate who seems to be unfit for holding the most powerful political job in the world.  In fact, he apparently has a thinking and language disorder preventing the high function of extended thought for problem solving, perhaps the major requirement of a national president.  That skill is the capability, the gift, the aptitude providing entree into the established cadre, those leaders esteemed for patient reasoning.  God help us if this nominee stays in the race and should wrangle a victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The braggart’s name, the bully, is Donald J. Trump.

When I think of our country’s future, America, our “new” world created out of Europe, the “old” world, I believe that children like you, children receiving a balanced education, children who are recipients of deep care from parents and an abundance of love from people of integrity, that you will continue our country’s heritage of Democracy.  “Democracy” means each person has dignity and is worthy of respect.

As you prepare to take on responsibilities of adulthood, may you understand both Classical and Romantic approaches to living.  “Classical” means going by tradition: standing for established standards and things of lasting significance.  It is important to understand restraint, refinement, and formality.  “Romantic” means idealized, and expressive of love, which is imaginative and may be impractical.  Both approaches are in our human nature.  It is important to also understand your ideals and hold to them.

In closing, my two bright lights of my life, I will help you understand more about the world for as long as I live, so that you may shine as brightly as you may to light up the world.

Your loving Grandmama

2 thoughts on “A Balanced Education

  1. Thank you for writing. The worth of new little souls is beyond description. Once the blessing of a baby enters someone’s realm, there’s nothing to do but hold them, gently stroke their brow, hold their hands, smile, feed them, and talk to them . . . talk to them . . . .

  2. Lots of food for thought, that little book! It is so wonderful that you are capturing your thoughts for the kiddos. It is interesting to think of the future… not sure what it holds or where we will go. If he does win, we’ll have to remember that our country doesn’t function under a monarchy, so he’ll have to change his ways a bit.

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